Current Class Descriptions

Intro Lesson

Most new students will start with a one-time semi-private introductory lesson. This is a class for brand new students that will help prepare you for your first group classes. You’ll learn about our capoeira group, our programs, what to expect in classes, and how rank advancements work. You’ll also learn some basic movements to help prepare you for training at the academy. Parents, dress prepared to participate with your child at this first lesson! The intro lesson also gives our experienced instructors an opportunity to evaluate a student’s aptitude and to recommend the best programs. Call (719) 635-1004 now to schedule your intro lesson as part of an introductory program for new students.
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Family Classes – Fundamentals, Level 2, Level 3

For adults, teens, and school-aged children; these classes give families the opportunity to train together, strengthening relationships while developing skills. Family classes practice the same curriculum as adult only classes in an upbeat, playful environment that keeps both children and adults challenged and engaged. A convenient scheduling option for busy families.
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Adult Classes – Fundamentals, Level 2, Level 3

Adults will discover one of the most enjoyable workouts available in capoeira classes. Students build strength, increase stamina and flexibility as they learn capoeira’s exciting kicks and acrobatic movements. Studying capoeira is a rich cultural experience as students also learn Portuguese language, about Brazilian history and culture, and how to play the traditional instruments used in making the music of capoeira. Forget the gym. Get in the best shape of your life and have a great time doing it.
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Rank Advancement – All Current Students

There is a ranking system in capoeira, similar to that in other traditional martial arts. Brazilian Capoeira hosts rank advancement events twice a year (usually in January and July.) These two-day events are called “Batizados” and in addition to an exciting ceremony where they receive their new “cords” students have the opportunity to train with notable guest instructors from throughout the capoeira world.
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